One of the memorable visits we made when in the US in 2006 become to an important landmark in the face of downtown Louisville, the Humana Building, a skyscraper located at 500 West Main Street. This towering 27-story shape is headquarters of the Humana Corporation now one of the main agencies inside the US presenting low cost and bendy fitness-care plans to hundreds of thousands.

This huge, wealthy enterprise in searching for to construct a headquarter shape that would stand as an eloquent announcement in opposition to the winning conventional, modernist corporate structure, sponsored an architectural competition from which to determine the first-rate layout. Michael Graves the famous New Jersey architect, emerged as the selected architect from a competitive pool of a number of the most well-known architects.. Scale fashions of these designs are shown on display in a vestibule placed directly above the Main Street entrance of the constructing

The Humana Building is the biggest and maximum ambitious paintings so far of an architect whose profession has taken off with superb pace. Amongst his works are: the Portland Building in Portland, Oregon., the San Juan Capistrano Library in southern California, the brand new museum for Emory University in Atlanta and the enlargement for the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

The production of the Humana Building which started in October 1982 became completed in May 1985. Occupying a place of 588,400 square feet it has been built to accommodate 1,650 folks at an approximate cost of 60 Million dollars. It is one in every of Graves’ nice acknowledged initiatives. For, similarly to receiving The American Institute of Architects National Honor Award in 1987 TIME Magazine indexed it as one of the 10 pleasant homes of the 1980’s. It is likewise widely identified as one of the most extraordinary skyscrapers in America, in addition to a textbook example of Post-modernism. It is a richly colored composition made up of abstract, enormously private versions on classical forms, a type of college of modernist and classical factors, prepare in a manner that is like none of its impacts but establishing its particular put up-modernist identity.

Graves in designing the building desired it to match within the context of downtown Louisville, taking cues from the Ohio River, its bridges, and the 19th-century streetscape and skyline of Main Street. It is pleasantly wonderful how neatly this constructing harmonizes with the streetscape and skyline of Louisville. ” This is a tower constructed to sit on a town street, now not at the back of an empty plaza, and it relates easily to its associates.”.It is indeed a exquisite accomplishment becoming it so properly to the opposite structures which might be basically three- and 4-story 19th-century industrial structures, many of forged iron, Louisville’s actual architectural treasure. “A full block of those vintage buildings sits along Main Street simply west of Humana, and the bottom of the brand new tower joins them as well and gracefully as any tall building has ever met a set of smaller ones.The small old homes and the huge new one meet readily, the new one by no means in direct imitation of the antique, but its shapes, hues and info set in cautious lodging. The together supportive relationship those homes have stands in beautiful comparison to the manner in which the vast, mute tower of black glass that sits on Main Street on the alternative side of Humana relates to its acquaintances. That cold field, absolutely aloof from all this is round it, is an anti-urban legacy of Louisville’s remaining architectural era. Humana is a response to all that that building stands for, and it can not however be a civilizing presence in Louisville.” Materials used on it are high priced–red granite for most of the floor, with numerous other polished granites. .

Each side of the building is designed barely in another way, up to a sloping pyramid fashion for the higher few flooring. Like many put up present day skyscrapers, it makes use of the classically-based tripartite division with a strong sense of a base.–the 8 story loggia extending in the front of the workplace structure, a shaft, and a top.At the identical degree because the peak of the nearby structures. This eight-story base of flat purple granite has an open arcade, of rectangular, deep purple granite columns occupying the first several flooring. Above the base, however set back extensively from it, rises the principle slab of the tower, sheathed in purple granite and punctuated by way of exceedingly small, rectangular windows, with a shaft of stable glass running up the middle. Rising further up, the square home windows supply way to a huge expanse of glass for numerous floors. A massive metallic truss, projecting out of the building helps a huge, curving loggia, a type of flying balcony at the pinnacle of the constructing. This massive, curved portion towards the top of the building is an open-air remark deck with. The outermost factor of the circle supplying area for some people at a time surrounded with the aid of glass, to have a spectacular view of the Ohio River and down Main Street. Grave’s thought for this curved balcony got here from a Victorian engraving of a own family admiring the Ohio River from an antique water tower. Above the loggia, the pinnacle of the constructing slants inward as a type of gabled crown.This ziggurat–or notched gable-is -topped by using a curved roof. The essential factors of hobby in the building consist of this loggia, the waterfall, the foyer, the Rotunda, the Mezzanine and the 25th floor.

The Loggia has a 50-foot waterfall as an architectural gesture to the Ohio River a reminder of the town of Louisville’s origins at the fall of the Ohio extra than two hundred years ago. The open-air the front part of the loggia consists of a big fountain. The loggia’s columns are clad in crimson and green granite and are decorated with gold-leaf colour.

The entrance is set in a curved wall with waterfall fountains on each aspects. This curved six-section water dam or water fall is an architectural gesture to the close by Ohio River .Giant columns surround the access region.50 feet down the granite pilasters on contrary aspects of the main entrance. Eight vertical fountains in front of the pillars complement the waterfall. The front of the constructing features an outdoor atrium with a skylight excessive above the principle front

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