Maribor is a small city in Slovenia – Europe but our friends, some of whom come from drop-dead gorgeous travel destinations, are always surprised at its record-breaking attractions. One of the reasons for a surprise is the size of Maribor and its unique geographic position in Slovenia and Europe.

We originally come from Maribor and travel to Slovenia at least twice a year tasting and experiencing all its wonders over and over again. In fact, our vacations are always too short for it all.

Be it world-cup skiing, mountain biking, mountaineering, or just relaxing in the bubbles of Maribor spa, traveling to this medieval Slovenian city in the heart of Europe energizes beyond expectations.

· We can hardly wait for our next vacation months before going back, to taste mouthwatering food in marvelous little restaurants, pizzerias and tourist farms.

· An amazing wine tasting experience in a traffic-lights controlled mega cellar right underneath the city center or at one of beautiful tourist farms around the city is always a must do. Well, you probably haven’t even heard of Slovenian wines. After all it is only a tiny little country. However, you will quickly realize why Slovenia keeps most of its wines for its own people!

· We totally love an incredible Lent festival experience that is the pride of Maribor and one of Slovenia’s best kept secrets. Just imagine! A warm summer night, cool beer, a world performance on an open waterfront stage and it is basically almost for free.

· How could we possibly be there without going to Pohorje – such a rewarding mountain. I don’t think it is an exaggeration if I say that Pohorje is a true mountaineering, hiking, skiing, mountain biking and adrenalin HEAVEN!

· Visiting the city is not just about food, wine and sport. Maribor is a medieval city with beautiful churches, galleries, museums, with great theatre, beautiful castles and more.

· We never skip a day in the city park or a walk at the University botanic garden. My daughter is totally crazy about animals so every time we are in Maribor she wants to visit the city aquarium and terrarium.

· We live near London-England but still enjoy excellent shopping experience in Maribor.

· If you are more of a “cafe type” like my husband then this city is THE place for you too. Every time we spend our holidays here we discover new cafes around the city. They are dotted everywhere and serve great coffee and tea.

· Because of our very busy life in England we hardly do any clubbing at all. However, back in Slovenia our grandmothers can do the babysitting so that Milan and I can enjoy a night out in one of its great clubs and pubs.

· My husband regularly visits property agencies. He is always looking for a good property which could be our new investment. Maribor seems to be pretty well hidden from international real estate trade. While the capital Ljubljana and Bled, one of the best known tourist destinations in Slovenia, already have prices comparable to Western Europe, Maribor is still refreshingly inexpensive.

· What I really like about the city is its geographic position. Every holiday we make a few one day trips around Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary or Italy. How is that possible?

Well, the city is only a 10 minute drive from Austrian border and 40 minutes from Graz, Austria’s second largest city and two and a half hours from Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Maribor is an hour drive from Slovenian capital Ljubljana and two hours from Croatian capital Zagreb.

Two and a half hour drive to the west brings you to Slovenian or Croatian Istria or to Trieste in Italy.

Drive two hours to the east and you will end up in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

Hey, if this is not amazing!


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