My Grandfather retired from Texaco back in the 1980’s. He had a great life until his stock holdings and real estate investments took a turn for the worse. Sure he relied on professionals to manage his money but it seemed that they made out even if he didn’t. Then you factor in health care costs and all of the rules changing on health care plans things started to go crazy. We’ll at least they’re in their upper 80’s and the family is looking out for them.

That leads us to a much larger problem. Do you find yourself in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s and in a similar predicament? Here’s the problem now; we are in a massive recession and not to be a dooms day type but things are going to get worse. You don’t have to be an economics expert to understand that the fundamentals of the U.S. and even global economy are upside down. It seems that America doesn’t really manufacture much anymore and most of the labor has been globalized. How are we going to make a living to fuel our consumer society. In my opinion those days are over.

So here you are laid off or sensing that you are next. Even worst you are in denial (no not the big river in Egypt), more like denying yourself the truth. You might be in the process of getting sold on some big voluntary exit from a corporation. Perhaps you are a business owner but you’ve found yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. What do you do?

I can tell you what entrepreneurial types won’t do. They’re not going to spend 5 years looking for a job that doesn’t exist. Did you know big corporations are responsible for 0% of net job gains in the last 10 years? This means that 100% of the net gain has come from small business and entrepreneurs. When are you going to stop driving around traffic aimlessly and come to grips with reality?

Here’s the opportunity as my family sees it. There is a new economy emerging which sends labor to the lowest market via the internet. The technology is also replacing jobs but it’s also providing unparalleled opportunity in global markets. If Mp3’s become the technology that replaces cassette tapes or cd’s then if you worked at the cassette factory you’d probably be out of a job. Conversely, if you trained yourself in the new technology you would probably earn more money. Hence if the cheapest labor is moving overseas you should get with people that can train you on how to leverage that for your business.

Do you believe in yourself enough to become self employed? If you do that’s great because you will be positioning yourself in the new economy. Enhance your position with learning how to market on the internet and you can be well on your way to having a global business. If you deal in products or services you should find a niche that has acceptable competition.. If you really want to succeed information products with highly credible track records do exceedingly well because they have great margins. This is what we’ve been able to structure at Team Texas Global (TM) with patience of course.

I would be extremely skeptical of any internet marketing pitch that tells you that you can make an executive income without any investment at all. Most any business will need working capital for tools, advertising and contingency. The other extreme are these network marketing deals that make you believe that you can make a massive amount of money by networking with friends and family. Got news for you; that rarely works.

If you can’t stomach the thought of getting another job at half the pay or throwing a huge sum of money at a franchise (always a risky proposition in a bad economy); then you might consider the internet.

Yes even us older folks can do it. You just need to learn the basics of it and be patient with it. You can also outsource certain task to some of those cheaper markets that we discussed. The Western world has always succeeded at advertising and marketing; today is no exception.

The thing that me and my friends love about this is that we can work at home. My kids even take an interest in it and thinking about our kids is a big priority. We run a family business from our laptop or any internet connection from around the world. We can outsource copy-writing, internet marketing but are reluctant to outsource customer service or sales. We like the system to do 90% of the selling since certain people in our family don’t like to waste time with tire kickers.

We would get the Grandparents involved in the business but the entire family is helping them. Our main concern is for our children and their children. The massive debt in the U.S. is not going to go away because we believe it will. These issues with the U.S. dollar and debt will have a severe impact on our economy for years to come. Yet I remain optimistic and believe that we can innovate something in the future which can turn it around.

In the meantime I’m hedging my bets and making a living on the internet. I never liked traffic or having a boss. If you believe in yourself enough to be self reliant you can learn more about internet marketing by visiting Team Texas Global and remember your success depends on your attitude and beliefs in yourself!

Pat Jinright is an internet marketer and trainer for Team Texas Global ™ based in Austin, Texas. Understanding that the U.S. and Western World economies are in disarray, TTG ™ shows aspiring entrepreneurs how to market on the internet to create a global business. People that want to learn more about being their own boss should visit the site at [].

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