One of the loveliest colors to use in a wedding is silver. There is nothing quiet so elegant as a wedding that is all decorated in silver. The beautiful shimmer of silver will give your wedding the perfect look.

There are many, many ways that you can include the color silver in your wedding décor. It will work beautifully for everything from the centerpieces to the table linens to the bride’s attire. Adding dashes of silver throughout your wedding will create a soft, beautiful glow for your entire event.

Set the tone by using silver as the accent color on your wedding invitations. A simple cream invitation will look much more special when dressed up with a silver organza bow. You can also use silver colored ink for the engraving or printing. A nice touch would be to seal the envelopes with a silver wax seal or elegant round sticker.

Silver is beautiful to use in your flowers for the ceremony and reception. Look for graceful silver vessels to hold the blossoms. There are many different directions that you could go with that basic concept. A tall, ornate silver vase would be formal and elegant overflowing with lush flowers. A grouping of silver mint julep cups filled with pink peonies or garden roses is ideal for an afternoon wedding. Or you could choose sleek rectangular containers for a totally modern floral display. It is entirely up to you.

There are flowers that would work very well with a silver color scheme. You can choose silvery roses or those wonderful silver colored “lamb’s ears”, which would also add a nice texture to the centerpieces and bouquets. Cool colors like lavender are a good choice to combine with the silver flowers, or you could spice it up with a rich red.

For your reception décor, echo the silver organza ribbon from the invitations on the chairs. How pretty would it be to have crisp white chair covers accented with wide silver organza bows? You can also consider bringing your signature color into the table linens. Look for unique napkins, such as silver organza or a luxe brocade.

Naturally, the bride and her bridesmaids will want to wear silver, as well. A silver satin bridesmaid dress would make a wonderful choice. If you pick a gown in a simple and classic cut, such as an A-line dress with spaghetti straps, your bridesmaids will even be able to wear it again. For that, they will love you!

For the bride’s ensemble, there are a few ways that you can bring in the icy shimmer of the color silver. There are many stunning bridal gowns with silver embroidery. You can also looks for a gown that features crystal or rhinestone beadwork. Both the bride and her attendants will want to complete their cool silver look with crystal bridal jewelry. Bridal jewelry made with sparkling Swarovski crystal will be the perfect complement to the silver in their dresses.

Silver is a can’t-miss choice for wedding décor. It is so versatile, always elegant, and always in style. Whichever way you choose to use it, silver makes a fabulous color for your wedding.

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